About Radar Landscapes

Where creative flair, high-energy and a go-the-extra-mile attitude meet.

Radar Landscapes was born from a desire to break free from business as usual. Our founder, Tim Looker, was bursting at the seams with energy, creativity and artistic flair – which was often confined by the industry around him.

So in 2012, Radar Landscapes began as a humble husband and wife team with a yearning to do things a little differently.

Today, our energetic team is growing. We’re made up of keen apprentices and industry experts on the Mornington Peninsula, who each bring their own unique skill sets.

But more than that, our team share one common belief. Landscaping is so much more than building a backyard. It’s about crafting an outdoor space where you can relax, unwind and connect. A space where memories are made and meals are shared. A space that’s perfectly yours.

Photo of Radar Landscapes directors sitting at a backyard bar

“We pour our heart and soul into every landscape.”

Tarryn Looker, Director

Why choose Radar Landscapes?

We’re honest

We’re frank with you from the get-go, and we won’t build something that we’re not truly proud of.

We’re Creative

We’re not afraid to think a little differently – to see your backyard a little left of centre.

We’re Experienced

We’re a young bunch. But don’t be fooled, our team has over 45 years of combined experience.

We’re Enthusiastic

We can’t help but get excited about your new outdoor space.

We’re Accurate

We pride ourselves on our expert quality and painstaking attention to detail.

We’re Fun

We add a personal touch to all of our projects. And isn’t that the way it oughta be?


We don’t really know what we want, can you still help?

Yes, definitely! We love coming up with ideas, together we can create a beautiful landscape, it’s what we do!

Will I get weeds once you’re finished?

Yes, it is near impossible to eliminate them completely. To reduce the amount of weeds, we recommend keeping the mulch topped up and pull out new weeds before they have a chance to spread.

How often will I need to seal my deck?

Every 12 months is ideal especially if it is exposed to the elements.

Do we have to tell you our budget?

The short answer is no, but it definitely helps speed up the quoting process. Everyones time is valuable so the more information you can provide up front, the more efficient the outcome will be. For example, we can provide options for a smaller budget of a few different materials we could use, ultimately putting the choice back on you. 

If we need a permit, who organises it?

It’s the clients responsibility to apply for the appropriate permits, however, we are more than happy to work through any questions you may need help with.

Do you work with Builders?

We work on a case by case basis, if it’s the right fit, then yes.

Are you insured?

Yes, we hold Professional Indemnity, Public Liability & Work Cover.

Do you work outside the Mornington Peninsula?

We prefer local work. All our team (except one) and suppliers are local, therefore, its economically more practical to stay local to the Mornington Peninsula.

Photo of two hands with dirt from landscaping

Are we the garden enthusiasts for you?

Ready for landscaping on the Mornington Peninsula? Get in touch today so we can chat about your project and bounce ideas.