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Backyard Privacy Elements in Your Landscape

When we buy a home we often cannot control what happens around the property. Whether you have lived there for years or just moved in, enjoying what we already have in the garden is something we become used to. Remodelling your garden to retain privacy from your neighbours will instantly make you feel relaxed. 

Large Trees Create Privacy

Instead of smaller plants which will need a lot of maintenance to look tidy, think about planting some larger trees to create more privacy in the garden. Creating a wall of colour surrounding your garden will avoid the views of ugly lamp posts and overlooking windows. Discussing your main privacy concerns with an experienced landscaper is the key to understanding what larger trees & plants will work best for you.

Younger trees are always a more affordable option, while larger, mature trees will quickly build up that privacy wall. Planting mature plants will ensure that you are keeping the garden fresh and clean looking whilst giving the most cover so your neighbours cannot peer in.

Native Australian gum trees provide a gorgeous option to add some colour to a large space. In addition, it has a lemon scent that will fill the air around it and will grow to around 7m high to cover the eye line of second story windows. 

Fast growing plants will ensure that your garden is well-covered whilst looking presentable.

Bamboo covers a lot of ground with its full leaves and is extremely fashionable to add some texture to the garden. They are easy to grow and can be a good option if you need a wide and tall plant to cover a fence. 

Timber Screening

When you have company over at your house, the last thing you want is to have your neighbours looking into your entertainment area. Installing timber privacy screens will improve the overall look and feel of the area whilst closing in any open spaces for people to look in. They look stylish and are available in multiple designs, materials and colours to match your exteriors and theme. If security is something you are worrying about, then you can add a lock in the timber to give you the reassurance of safety when you are in the garden. You will find that timber screens are a great sound muffler too. They work wonderfully for surrounding hot tubs so you can enjoy your relaxation in peace. 

Add a Cold & Rustic Feature

To add texture to your garden, adding a corten steel or a feature wall will instantly change the overall look of the area. It can be paired with the timber walls or keep every area interesting. There are an endless amount of patterns you can add to the steel feature wall which can make a plain space look more interesting and add an artistic flair.

Designing your garden so you have the privacy you need, will give you the peace of mind that you can spend time in your garden without anyone unwanted eyes!

These are just a few ways you can get creative with building privacy into your backyard landscape. To find out what other options are available, talk to the  Landscaping Sorrento experts, Radar Landscapes today.

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