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cutting-edge equipment to get the job done quickly & effectively



Cutting Edge Equipment

Radar Landscapes has a flair for the creative and extensive knowledge of plants and materials – we also have the most cutting-edge equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively. So, whether you need a large hole or have high volumes of earth or rock that need to be shifted, let Radar Landscapes excavate your property.


Our Excavation Services


Rock work/ Placement

If your garden has a slope, we can install large boulders to create a retaining wall that will hold up a hillside – a great and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to a timber wall.


Drainage systems

Poor drainage can create a whole range of problems, from water-logged lawns to soil erosion and dying plants. When correctly designed and implemented, a good drainage system should not be visible. Subsurface drainage is often used in grassed areas and behind retaining walls, with a network of pipes to quickly divert excess water.


Cutting-edge industrial equipment

When a job demands the shifting of large amounts of soil and heavy materials, we have our trusted Excavator and Bobcat to lend a hand. Our Excavator digs deeply into soil with ease, whilst our Bobcat moves rubbish, levels, grades and shifts soil to make way for substantial changes, such as a new pool!


Laying driveways


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