As the weather cools down, its finally fire pit season.  If star gazing, barbecuing, and socializing is how you like to spend your evenings, adding a fire pit to your backyard might be just the ticket. It’s important that when you’re planning out your backyard landscaping you’ll want to think about where the best place for a fire pit’s location might be and then make sure you landscape around it to take full advantage of its natural beauty.

Not only does its cozy glow make your backyard inviting, but it’s a great spot for entertaining guests, toasting a marshmallow, and relaxing with your family. According to Discover Magazine, hanging out around a fire isn’t just a fun pastime, but is actually good for your health. It can reduce your blood pressure, cause you to feel less stress, and allow you to feel more socially connected to those around you. That all sounds like reason enough to add a fire pit to our backyard this season!

Luckily, integrating a fire pit naturally into your backyard oasis doesn’t need to be complicated. You should discuss with you landscaper how they plan to include a fire pit into your garden design, so you can enjoy gathering with friends & family under the stars.

We’ve got lots of ideas for how to add a fire pit to your garden space. 

A sunken fire pit patio

Sunken fire pit areas are great cozy conversation zones and a pretty standard way of incorporating your fire pit into your existing space.  A fire pit can be built into a patio by either digging down into existing space and adding concrete or pavers, or erecting walls to enclose your fire pit area. Since the idea os a fire pit is to gather around it with friends, a sunken fire pit area is a fantastic choice of design for this element. You can choose to add built in seating or comfortable chairs, its surrounding walls give the space a cozy, enclosed feeling perfect for chilly evenings.

A place made of pavers

For a quick, professional look, placing your fire pit on a paver surround can give your landscape a polished, complete look. Rather than just setting a moveable fire pit onto your grassy lawn, building a paver surround will allow your space to be utilized year round. Your fire pit chairs won’t sink into the soft ground after a rain, and your structure will remain flat throughout the seasons. You can choose pavers in a variety of colors to correspond with your existing garden structures. You can even use the same pavers to make a path connecting your new fire pit area with other spaces in your garden.  

Simple and easy fire pit locations

Fire pits are such a versatile and pretty feature for your yard. You don’t have to install an elaborate hardscape for them either. In fact, you can actually build your fire pit in any open spot in your yard that isn’t too close structures that might pose a fire hazard. Once you add seating around it, you’ll be able to enjoy stories around your fire just as you would if you had put it on your existing patio.

If you like a simplistic or natural look for your garden, crushed rock gardens work great with a fire pit, just add some logs to sit on for that effortless look you’re hoping for. 

Or you can embrace a coastal vibe for your backyard reminiscent of beach bonfires, just circle some large rocks for seating and surround your fire pit with sand. 

How will you incorporate a fire pit into your garden space?

If you’re ready to get started designing your dream backyard fire pit, give us a call. Our expert landscapers will be happy to discuss your options.