How Long Does the Landscape Design/Build Process Take?

If you’re having your garden or outdoor space landscaped you probably want to know how long it will take to finish. After conceiving of the idea, most people want to have the finished product ready for the start of the summer season at least. The answer to how long the process takes varies according to individual needs and budgets. In this post, we take a look at some factors that can influence the length of a project.

Getting Your Budget Right

Whether you are landscaping the area yourself or hiring a company such as Radar Landscapes to do the work, it’s important to set the right budget in order to avoid delays. The more research you do at the start into building materials, grade of materials, time of year, and project size, the faster your project can be completed. You will also have to budget for unforeseen events and changes you may want to make as the project develops. Without this safety net, you might miss important deadlines for completion of the work.

Creating A Plan

Before embarking on any project, you need a plan of action. The more detailed your plan is, the faster your build like take and the easier it will be. A plan means you have all the materials ready to go; they just have to be arranged, hammered, lifted, and towed. For a standard landscaping project, you will need an accurate measurement of the area being developed, what surface you want to use, grass or paving, and what features will be installed. Most people these days want decking, so you will have to survey your options.

Finding The Right Landscaper

If you are hiring a third party landscape company, it’s important to find one with a good reputation, and/or preferably one that is suited to your project. Some landscape companies come with a good reputation, but the project might run over schedule if they specialise in lawns instead of paving, for instance. A good landscaper will discuss with you how you want to use the space and what the best options are for the project. The quality of these meetings will determine how efficiently your project is completed.

Design A Flexible Plan

Even the most carefully conceived plans have to be adapted and changed during the project due to unforeseen circumstances or a change of heart. Maybe the materials you wanted to use are not available, or you decided that you want a slightly different design while the work is being carried out. The best way to ensure your build is completed on time and to a high standard is to make sure your plan is flexible in terms of budget and timescale.

Build At The Best Time

A typical landscape project can take as little as a few weeks to complete or months if the work is extensive. It all depends on how well planned and organised, you are, and if you have the best landscape company for your needs. If you want the work completed for the summer, it’s best to work with a company that operates in the winter months.

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