As the rain increases, make sure you’re staying on top of the relentless weeds which are bound to pop up. When you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on your landscaping in Mornington, nothing can be more disheartening than seeing the weeds take over your carefully designed garden spaces.  Luckily, there are several ways you can stay in control of your garden weed situation. We’ve got some great suggestions to help you find ways to reduce the weeds in your yard and enjoy your space year-round.

Use mulch to your advantage

Keeping a layer of mulch on your gardens that is 5-8cm deep will go a long way in making sure your space stays weed-free. Not only does mulch help regulate temperature and moisture for your plants, it helps to limit light and access to soil, so that unwanted weeds cannot take root. Replenishing mulch as it degrades throughout the year will keep a protective barrier between the weeds and their access to the sun. Better yet? Lay down a layer of cardboard or thick landscaping weed mat under your mulch to make it even more impenetrable. 

Keep in mind, that eventually seeds will get deposited by the wind (and by birds) on top of your mulch layer. Some weeds will begin to grow right on and into your mulch despite your best efforts. Pulling them when they are small, before their root system can get through your weed barrier will keep them from overtaking your gardens.

A little bit at a time

Don’t let weeds build up, a little bit of weeding here and there is much easier than tackling thick, weedy garden beds!  The longer weeds linger, the stronger and more entwined their root system becomes. Pulling them when they are young and small is your best bet. So, allowing yourself a few minutes a day to tackle small segments of weeding makes the task seem less daunting and allows you to stay on top of it.

Try pulling weeds right after a light rain shower when the ground is soft. They’ll come right out.

Weeds are not flowers

Make sure you get at those weeds before they start to bloom. When weeds flower, they are getting ready to produce those pesky seeds. Even if you don’t have time to pull them out by their roots, chopping down the weeds with a sharp pair of gardening shears will help the situation. By lopping off their heads, before they go to seed, you’l keep them from raining those tiny seeds all over your garden. Fewer seeds=fewer weeds.

Spray them away

There are several eco-friendly weed killers on the market which will help you keep a handle on weed growth. Consider those which are also pet friendly if you have four-legged family members cavorting in your garden space.

Hire some help

It is never too late to engage a maintenance team to look after your garden on a regular basis. In fact, having someone come in to remove weeds, feed your plants, and perform general upkeep is a great way to keep your landscaping looking fresh, no matter the season.

Another way to prevent weed growth is to think about weed maintenance before you ever design your beds.

Did you know that closely spacing some of your plants can choke out emerging weeds by shading the soil between plants? You can eliminate weed-friendly gaps in your garden from the beginning by appropriate garden design. Your landscaping design team can help to create a garden bed that is already naturally defending itself against weeds.

From proper plant placement, to gauging the distance between retaining walls and pathways, your landscaper can help to create a garden which does not encourage weed growth. Contact us today to discuss how we can help design a garden that discourages weeds and always looks fabulous.