The Radar Landscapes Team

Meet Tim and Tarryn Looker.

The Founders, Directors and plant-loving humans behind Radar.

Tim Looker, Founder and Director.

Tim is the visionary, smiling face and hands-in-the-dirt side of Radar. He was nicknamed Radar after the Mash Character (c’mon, do you see it?)

Tim is adored by clients for his hardworking, creative and absurdly honest approach. So much so that he was once asked by a potential client what his best and worst traits were, and we think his response summed it up perfectly: “My best quality is that I’m very honest, and my worst quality is that I’m very honest.”

Oh, and as for credibility? Tim’s got it.

  • 13+ years of experience
  • Cert II in horticulture
  • Cert III in Landscape Construction
  • Cert III in Building

A true professional. He came on time and actually went to the effort of saving us money.”

Damian Jones

Tarryn Looker, Founder and Director.

Tarryn is the organiser, networker and brains behind Radar. In other words, the behind-the-scenes hero that keeps things running seamlessly. She has an eye for design and a love for the outdoors – and she believes that landscaping is the perfect collision of these two worlds.

She found herself in the industry after meeting a passionate landscaper when she was 19 years old. She married that passionate landscaper and together, they made a baby – Radar (they also made a human one, Oak).

Meet our zany people behind the lush, green garden spaces

Dean McIntyre

Qualified Landscaper

Like an old piece of furniture, Dean has been around the longest after Tim and Tarryn. He stumbled upon landscaping when he was searching for something he truly enjoyed. For Dean, he loves the variety of landscaping. One day you’re playing in the dirt, and the next you’re paving a pool or building a deck. But the cherry on top is seeing the client’s smiling face at the end of the project.

Jezza Monea

Site Manager

In the words of a veteran landscaper, Jezza loves turning a mess into a masterpiece. With a Cert IV in Landscaping and 25 years of industry experience, he knows his way around a backyard. But what he loves most about landscaping is that a garden is the first thing clients see when they’re arriving and leaving home – and he takes great pride in transforming that experience.

Luke Ambler

Third Year Apprentice

Luke was attracted to landscaping through his love of the outdoors and getting his hands dirty. He enjoys paving, concreting and timber work – and loves using these skills to breathe life into a garden space. What’s more, he loves being a part of the Radar team. Sure, he’s here for landscaping. But he sticks around for the people.

Marcus Cook

Second Year Apprentice

With a Cert II in Building and Construction, Marcus was drawn to landscaping by the variety. No two days are the same. When asked what he loves most about his job, Marcus said the transformation. He loves being able to stand back at the end of a project and be proud of the end result. And best of all? He gets to share this with clients.

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